Work from Home Safely and Securely

Secure Tech
If your clients want to keep confidential information private, it’s worth investing in a data blocker that is easy to plug in and stay protected.
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Of all the buzzwords to come from 2020, “work from home” is one to know. With companies switching to remote work, there’s now high demand for tech items that help staff plug in at home safely and securely.

Rune Webcam Cover

Webcam covers lets you get seen without being seen

As more employees make the switch to working from home, webcam covers become even more essential. After all, no one wants to risk being spied on, especially in the privacy of their own homes. Thankfully, webcam covers are an extremely cost-effective way to prevent that from happening while delivering a healthy dose of impressions at the same time. Think about it: Remote staff are on their devices every day, which means webcam covers will be seen at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. What other promo can deliver that kind of visibility for such a low cost?

Data Blocker Promo

Data blockers are a way to protect devices from unauthorized access

All the ports on our devices allow for much more than simply easy charging – they also open the door for unwanted access and file transfer. There’s a particularly high risk in public areas with communal charging stations, such as airports, conferences, or even large office buildings. If we aren’t keeping a close eye on our tech, criminals can easily plug in and steal crucial information like credit card details and contacts. This powerful yet affordable promo is just the thing to protect phones or tablets from any unauthorized access or data transfer.

USB Charger

Chargers keep devices powered on and ready for anything

Remote workers are only as efficient as their batteries, and with staff switching between desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets throughout the day, it’s important to keep all devices charged and ready. This is where chargers really shine, particularly those that can power up multiple devices at once. Not only will chargers make employees more efficient, but they also deliver a larger imprint area than other security essentials for branding that can’t be missed.

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