8 Easy Steps to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

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If the content is useful or entertaining, recipients will be more willing to share your email.
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Email marketing provides a direct conduit for communicating tailored messages and important information to clients and prospects. Growing your list can be especially pivotal for small businesses. Here’s a few tips how to do just that:

1. Sign-up all new clients.

Each time you onboard new clients, their contact information needs to be added to your email list. The new clients should then be segmented into an email list that’s most appropriate for them. (Tip: segmented lists lead to better engagement.)

2. Make it easy for site visitors to opt-in.

Prominently feature email opt-in forms on your website pages that get the most traffic. You can use Google Analytics to determine which pages are most visited. Also: place a “sign up” option on your website’s header.

3. Leverage blogs & whitepapers.

Your blog should feature a call-to-action encouraging people to subscribe to receive more useful content in their inboxes. This can be a pop-up form or a subscribe call-to-action that’s static, but clearly displayed, on blog pages. Access to whitepapers, which should feature insights of high value to sought-after audiences, can be situated on special landing pages. Have the landing pages provide a few teaser insights. Then, have it so that enticed readers must give their email address/name to download the full whitepaper.

4. Attract subscribers through social.

Run contests on your social platforms that offer, to those who provide contact information, the chance to win rewards, such as a certain number of free branded travel mugs. The social posts should link to a page where people enter the contest by inputting their name and email address. Also, share links to blog posts, whitepaper landing pages and other content that contains email subscriber opt-ins. Posting videos on YouTube? Feature a link in the text description below the video that sends clickers to a page where they can get access to on-topic gated content if they provide an email address. Also, include a clickable link to the page in the video itself. And, take advantage of the “sign up” feature you can put at the top of your business Facebook page. Link it to a landing page that asks for an email address in exchange for an element of good content, such as a webinar.

5. Create email content that’s valuable.

If the content is useful or entertaining, recipients will be more willing to share the email with others who have similar business interests. For instance, a buyer at one large technology firm might be inclined to forward an email to a colleague in a similar position at other tech company. When those people get your message from the forwarding colleague, make it simple for them to get onto your email lists by providing a “subscribe” CTA link in all your marketing emails.

6. Feature a subscribe link in every employee’s email signature.

All email interactions employees have with people outside your organization then become potential channels for streaming in new subscribers. Make the “subscribe” option a text hyperlink that’s wrapped in a compelling CTA, such as “Get Free Insights That Will Power Your Marketing and Grow Your Sales.” The link should take clickers to a web page where they can sign up for your e-marketing communications.

7. Provide commentary for blogs, articles, podcasts, videos and social media forums.

Designated team members can deliver information on topics upon which they and your company are experts, providing insights and solutions for audiences of desired prospects. This can help drive website visits from prospects warmed to your company. Once on the website, they should find more great content and sign-up options that nudge them toward entering your email subscriber base.

8. Source from the real world.

From trade shows to networking events, company team members are always meeting new people who could be prospects and getting their contact information. See to it that those email addresses make it onto your email marketing lists.

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